Why Do I have to pay for a resale package?

ReSale Explanation

Some homeowners think that because they pay assessments every month they should not have to pay for a resale package.

They are of the opinion that it is a bunch of pages all put together that just sits and waits for us to "push the button” when they place their order.

It is essential that management companies prepare these documents individually for each owner.

Acri Realty Saves-you time and money

Once the preparer confirms they have all the correct documents in place, the "button is pushed” and the purchaser receives his or her packet.

Acri Community Realty utilizes HomeWise Docs as the central point to order and upload documents to make it easier for homeowners to access what they want 24/7. There is a cost involved to the management company for these services. It is quite an involved process that takes a large amount of oversight and staff to provide state legal documents.


Why should the homeowner, not the association, pay for a resale package?

Acri Realty enhances you homeowner experience

It wouldn’t be fair for all owners to pay for resale certificates through their maintenance fees, since the average annual turnover of homes In a community ranges from 10 - 20%.  Just as an association should not pay for Realtor commissions, real estate processing fees, etc. that pertain only to one home, so should it not be responsible for the preparation and Issuance of resale packages for an individual owner. If you are ready click the HomeWise Button Below

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