What kind of insurance do I need?


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  • What is condo insurance?
  • Is condo insurance required?
  • Doesn't my HOA's insurance already cover my condo?
  • What's the difference between my condo insurance policy and the condo association master policy?
  • How much condo insurance do I need?
  • I own a condo as an investment property, which I rent to a tenant. Do I still need condo insurance?

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How much does condo insurance cost?

Condo insurance  is surprisingly affordable. A condo insurance policy will protect the things you cherish for only a few hundred dollars a year. Get a condo insurance analysis to see if you are covered correctly.

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Call our Acri Insurance Counselor, Lori Miller at 412-459-0111 extension 123.

She will perform a complete review of your needs and evaluate your present insurance coverage. She will make sure your current policy is matching up with your association's insurance policy. Your current agent may not be aware of the particulars of your associations policy. Make sure you are adequately protected. Call Lori or email her today @ lori_miller@acrirlty.comClick here to fill out the free analysis request form and submit it now.

Coverages, discounts, and billing options are subject to state availability, individual qualification, and/or the insuring company's underwriting guidelines.This page is intended to provide you with general information about condo insurance, and to help you understand the various kinds of coverage. It does not describe or refer to any specific policy or coverage. For information about your particular coverages, we encourage you to read your policy contract and consult your insurance representative with any questions.