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Acri will transition to Home Wise Docs September 1,2017. Until then continue to use Condo Certs The process is the same.

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When selling a home in a planned community, Pennsylvania state law requires a seller to provide the buyer with a resale disclosure package before execution of the sales contract, or otherwise before conveyance. This package includes the resale certificate, governing documents, and financial documents for the homeowners association.

*Homewise Docs was created to help you simplify the process of delivering and obtaining Homeowners Association data as needed for real estate transactions. Click here to view the Resale Disclosure Act of 1980


PLEASE NOTE: Acri Community Realty requires Up Front payment in advance for processing the Resale Certificate and document requests. Payment is to be made to Homewise Docs and can be made by credit card or check.

"Why do I need to pay for my resale package and not my association?" That is a common question and we hear quite frequently to learn more and get an answer click below.

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